Ivan Bulygin

Game Designer


I am a Game Design student at FUTUREGAMES, which is located in Stockholm, Sweden. I am very passionate about producing games, especially working on game mechanics and technical implementation. I am excited to work with great people and bring my energy and passion to the team.

I decided to become a game developer when I was 15. My journey started with learning programming languages and different engines. I was studying programming for 5 years during high school and then in university, but then I decided to switch over to studying Game Design at FUTUREGAMES.

My areas of interest are technical design, gameplay design, and storytelling. Besides that, I have experience working with sound and music.

What I do

Game Design

During my studies I gained some experience in game design, level design, gameplay design, system design as well as QA. I had first hand experience working with Unity and Unreal Engine as well as with their programming languages. I created prototypes of different mechanics and systems for full games, and for training and testing within the engine itself.

Narrative Design

I worked as a narrative designer on our game “Fragment”. My passion is about expressing my thoughts and life experiences on paper and creating detailed worlds and deep characters. I am familiar with narrative design documentation and storytelling techniques. During my studies I had experience working with camera angles, cutscenes and mise-en-scènes.


I have 5 years experience with C-based languages, having worked with Unity, Unreal Engine and a few smaller engines. I am familiar with object oriented programming, algorithms and scripting on systems like Blueprints.

Sound Design

I had some experience working on sounds and music for games. I am familiar with Ableton Live, Audacity, Reaper and FMOD. My focus is on making atmospheric, ambient and environmental sounds and music.


You can send me an email at ivan.bulygin@futuregames.nu