• Narrative Design
  • Technical Design
  • Sound Design


  • Unity
  • C#
  • FMOD


  • 3 Game Designers
  • 3 Programmers
  • 3 3D Artists
  • 2 2D Artists


  • 7 Weeks


Fragment is a single-player, third-person puzzle-adventure game with an animal companion. The game takes place in the subconscious of a dying parent who wants to see his son for the last time and ask for forgiveness. Going through his life, the main character gets to see the mistakes he made and reconsider his relationship with the son. On this journey, the player will be solving puzzles on three different levels that reflect the main character.


  • Walking, jumping, and climbing
  • Camera system
  • Animal companion
  • Memory fragments(paintings)
  • Cutscene
  • Awesome and challenging puzzles
  • Dark and shattered atmosphere

Design Pillars

Surreal Environment

The game takes place in the subconscious of a dying person, so the environment feels unreal and it reflects the main character

Touching Story

A story about family relationships and the mistakes that were made

Animal Companion

A subconscious companion that guides you through the game

My Contribution

Narrative Design

  • Working on narrative design documentation
  • Script writing
  • World and character building
  • Dialogues writing
  • Making cutscenes
  • Working with artists on environment

Technical Design

  • Prototyping of narrative elements
  • Implementing and tweaking scripts

Sound Design 

  • Atmospheric sounds
  • Environment sounds
  • Music

Design Details



My main role was to create a consistent and interesting story in a subconscious world.  I used the Hero’s journey to create an emotional story and logical motivation of characters.

The Narrative document includes

  • World & Character building
  • Narrative Pillars
  • Character Development and Wants
  • Plot
  • Dialogues

The strongest side of my idea was to describe the relationships between a father and a son from the parent’s perspective, where the father realizes that he made mistakes and has no time to fix them.

Environment Building

The game takes place in a dream/mind of a dying person, so the world feels unreal. When we were designing the environment we wanted to reflect the story in it and bring up the feelings that our character experiencing.

Memory fragments

The main storytelling technique that I chose was telling the story through “Memory Fragments” which are paintings that the character finds throughout the game

The paintings represent the important moments in the life of the father and his son

The main goals of these paintings are to convey an idea to the father that he has lost touch with his son and that he needs to improve their relationship before it is not too late


Black Moment

There are two cutscenes in the game that show the most important and emotional moments of the game

The “Black moment” cutscene starts when the character has enough clues about what is going on. The character sees himself and the companion on the other side of a dark corridor.  That represents the mirror reflection and self-realization of the character

In this cutscene, the character realizes that he is in a dream world and that the companion is a representation of his son

Cutscene prototype

I started with making a prototype of the “Black moment” cutscene after I finished working on the world and the story.

I used a timeline in Unity to move and rotate objects over time.  Also, I used a sphere to rotate the camera over the characters and then hid the sphere in the actual game.

I worked with timeline curves in Unity to create smooth camera movement and cinematic angles


I wrote and designed dialogues using google sheets and then gave the link to my team members so they can easily have asses to them. The biggest challenge was to provide as much information as possible in a short amount of time because I was only able to place the dialogues between the gameplay sections. The problem was that I had to rewrite and replace dialogs several times during the production when the levels were changing and the dialogues time was shifting.

I was working with 2D on the design of the subtitles. The idea was to identify the speaker with the style rather than just writing its name. So, each character has its own subtitle style that matches its model and personality.


Project Managment

The biggest chalange was to work during Covid-19, so we had to simulate the office conditions by using Miro for organization and managment, and Discord as a virtual office. We had several meeting rooms(channels), focus rooms, and an AFK room, so everyone knew who was working on what and it was also easy to jump to any channel to ask for help or to have a discussion.

Every morning we were discussing our progress and setting up goals for the day. Also, every Friday we had a discussion about how every team member feels and what can we do to improve our team building.